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  1. 關于我們


    2022-03-09 15:03


    U型玻璃是一種新型建筑節能墻體型材玻璃,它由碎玻璃和石英砂等原料制成,具有采光性好、隔熱保溫、隔音防噪、機械強   度高、防老化、耐光照等特點。




    U-shaped glass is suitable for inlaying in building doors, windows, partition walls and other places. It is used as a variety of ways of fire prevention, earthquake prevention and so on.

    U-shaped glass is a new type of building energy-saving wall profile glass. It is made of broken glass and quartz sand. It has the characteristics of good daylighting, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise prevention, high mechanical strength, anti-aging and light resistance.

    Even if the U-shaped glass is broken, the internal wire network can support the glass fragments, which is difficult to collapse and break. At the same time, the U-shaped glass also has a strong fire prevention function.

    According to the provisions of the building standard law, the requirements for fire doors are made. The combination of U-glass and type B fire door frame can be used as type B fire-proof material. U-shaped glass is damaged during use, which can prevent fragments from flying and reduce personal injury to a great extent.

    The shape is banner type, which has the flavor of the times with straight, beautiful and smooth lines, and has a unique decorative effect. Moreover, the installation is convenient and the comprehensive cost is low.


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